Leukemia update!

December 27th, 2023

It’s been a while, and time for an update.

  • Alan’s doing well since landing in remission in June, following release from captivity June 23, and his numbers are great!
  • We’re still isolating, masking always, but few ventures out into public.
  • 28 day cycles continue until probably March, 8 cycles, with 2 one week delays so far.
  • IV infusions of ARSENIC (arsenic trioxide) continue, daily weekdays of every other 28 day cycle. continues daily the first two weeks of every cycle (with arsenic cycle and alone in ATRA cycle).
  • Alan was switched from PIC line to Port a few months ago, and that’s going well, makes infustions and blood draws so much easier, but ohhhh, it still gives me the willies.
  • Financial details are a mess, but workable, and we’re probably not going to have to declare bankruptcy.
  • Mayo figured out the coding for EKGs so UCare won’t continue overbilling! Time consuming with so many appeals, weekly EKG is ordered, and they screwed it up every week for a couple months.
  • Leukemia and Lymphoma Society has provided a grant to cover some of the co-pays, which are enormous for infusions and ATRA Rx.
  • Did I mention hospitalization, 8 months of daily treatment, masking and forever isolating, it’s exhausting?!?!
Initial platelete count of 9 (NINE!) was life threatening, now all is well.

All things considered, it really could not have gone better, Alan’s recovery is amazing!

Camping at Frontenac to see if we could!
4th of July, knee high
Camper Cabin at Lake Vermilion in November
November temp in the 40s, bizarre, yet same temp as our February trip!

OPE! Time to head to Mayo today!

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