Spring of 2022, we stopped at Minidoka National Historic Site, a former Japanese internment camp, which opened not that long before we visited.

Hot off the press, in the inbox today:

The Boundary of the Oppressor: Challenging the Use of the Historic Footprint as an Appropriate Property Boundary for the Minidoka TCP

This is the second “internment camp” (prison) we’ve been to, a few years before, Manzanar National Historic Site, near “Independence” (really) California:

Manzanar – Information on Japanese American Internment

posted February 27th, 2017

Both sites obviously prisons:

Back to Minidoka, here’s the layout originally:

Here’s the boundaries of the area declared as a Historical site, maybe a quarter of the prison layout:

From the Addendum Report Defining the Boundary of the TCP (Traditional Cultural Place) Boundary of the Minidoka Concentration Camp:

The viewshed:

Viewshed is an important consideration because of the proposed encroachment of the 1,000MW Lava Ridge Wind Project.

Here’s the BLM Summary of DEIS Comments from August 2023 (EIS is not out yet).

From the BLJ’s Lava Wind Newsletter, September, 2023, here’s the BLM’s project environmental review schedule:

Final EIS a year from now? That’s a LONG wait! Gotta remember what comes after “Record of Decision,” and that goes back over a decade to the Mesaba Project. Seems BLM doesn’t want folks to know what that means.

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