I just fired off a Data Practices Act Request about the build-up to a “Special Planning Meeting” that’s coming up soon:


Yes, there’s a Public Utilities Committee “Planning Meeting” coming up, and this one is “Special.”

But there’s some history before that, starting with the August 22, 2023 meeting, where they discussed… options to speed up our permitting process… well, ya gotta listen for yourself (starts at 1:30:50, though xmsn presentations before are worth a listen):


Do y’all remember when Beth Soholt and Matt Schuerger were paid to promote transmission? That was when Wind on the Wires was a Izaak Walton program. Now, decades later, Beth Soholt is still being paid to promote transmission, and Matt Schuerger is “Commissioner” Schuerger, permitting transmission. Surprised much? And I have mixed feelings about Matt Schuerger’s participation in transmission issues at the Commission because of his Wind on the Wires “consultant” work and because he probably is the only one on the Commission who really understands the big picture. … sigh… Sullivan does express concern, seems he’s thinking… sigh… again…

Again, starts at 1:30:50. Note Chair Sieben asks for display of “language I worked with our staff” for discussion and decision:

Note the agenda did not have even a hint that this would be considered and that a decision would be made, “language” not posted, probably not handed out at meeting, and no opportunity for public to review and consider what they were doing:

Anyway, the result of this August 22, 2023 meeting, from the minutes, was “stakeholder meetings,” with stakeholders selected by “meeting facilitator” Dan Lipschultz :

There’s no docket for this “streamlining” effort, I don’t recall any notice of the “stakeholder” meetings (though I do get so many notices, could I have missed it?) — so how do we stakeholders who don’t count enough to be part of the group weigh in? There’s not even an agenda posted for the January 3, 2024 meeting, and if the report is due December 31, 2023, will it be posted post haste?!?!


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