Having to isolate and mask up for so long is a pain, immuno-suppressed at least through 8 months of treatment after 5 weeks of Alan’s hospitalization… though it’s helpful now that COVID has increased again. A fb friend reported that, of a women’s choir group with a week of concerts, TWELVE women came down with COVID! AAACK! We’ve been trying, MASKED, to get out and about some, Tower of Power last month at Treasure Island, then headed up north to hear Aaron Brown’s history of Hibbing, but after we landed up in Grand Rapids, Alan got pneumonia and we spent Saturday in the ER and barely avoided another hospitalization. That sure sucked.

Anyway, headed up north again. It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood… at Dagwaagin camper cabin. Taking a needed time out, after I had a very intense work from home plus three trips to the hinterlands, working truckdriver hours over the last week, peeling away the layers of onion, building over the last month into a most bizarre case of … conspiracy? fraud? financial crimes over about 20 years? A mess far beyond what either my client or I anticipated, but so damn interesting! Anyway, it’s time for a getaway!

Last February, in was Ningaabi’anong way to the west:

This time Dagwaggin, near the WARM showerhouse:

Can’t cook in a camper cabin, other than crockpot and coffee/tea kettle, but just outside the door there is a cooking station with electric, and a stainless counter and splash so you don’t burn the place down:

Cobb grill at rest, corncake griddle ready to go

And a picnic table and grill/fire ring on the other side:

It’s a nice set up, very bright and sunny, with most of the comforts of home, and it’s solid, and not leaky, so in the winter, WARM!

Doo, doo, doo,lookin’ in my back door…
Alan reading in the sunny loft

Cooking outdoors is the joy of camping for me, and I like to collect toys to play with when camping. Camper cabins require a different set of toys, last trip was the Weber Q1000, which was fun, but HEAVY! This time I tried out the Cobb grill with marinated turkey breast and packets of carrot and potatoes:

The charcoal goes in that little basket, and the stainless bucket it’s in is the “moat” and that’s where veggies in tin foil goes
Once the charcoal is all red and glowing, the stainless grill goes on top of the moat and charcoal, and then the basket, and that’s where the tur
key went.

The result was almost perfect, though I should have opened up the turkey packets to brown it… next time. The potatoes and corn I’d tossed in balsamic vinegar dressing and a lot of dried thyme from the garden (dressing, because I’d forgotten oil, how can that be, but the oil I had for camping had leaked all over, GAACK, and in cleaning up, space it out and forgot to load.).

Yes, paper. It’s hard to do dishes in the winter in a camper cabin, so the fewer the better.

Tonight, more turkey, done open and so browned and a tad crispy. Until then, time to make some more corn cakes!

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