“Our” Mayor Wilson is fond of waving around a handful of papers, claiming to have screenshots of Open Meeting Law violations and of Data Breaches by City Council and/or City Commission members.

Received today, “Response” which I don’t think is responsive (and again below):

Check the handwritten comments – I doubt that’s his writing!! Note also, claim hand-written in that Becky Norton is using her private page yet making comments “speaking as Elected Official” — FALSE (Wilson forgets his ex parte letter to judge opening with “As Red Wing’s Mayor...”); a written comment on October 13 that Moderator Laura McDonough is Evan Brown’s wife (I really doubt that she was Moderating last week); that Anna Ostendorf is on Charter Commission (DOH, School Board… perhaps he means Ann Vogel or Anne Robertson?); “posting pics without knowing” (ha ha ha ha ha…) and I guess I shouldn’t say “WTAF.” Well… WTAF!

As you may recall, after that Council meeting, August 28th, 2023, where he TWICE waved around a handful of papers making these claims of violations of Open Meeting Law and Data Breqches, I fired off a Data Practices Act Request. If, that is IF, there are such violations and breaches, let’s see the proof, get it to the City Attorney, and the City must investigate! Amy Mace, City Attorney, did say on the record that the City would be interested in such violations.

That DPA Request was denied, with a claim that Wilson was using a “hypothetical,” which was off, because he was referring to specifics, so I sent a follow up request:

Today, just received a response, though I think that this is only part of the larger handful of screenshots, as these seem to focus mostly on yours truly! If this is really all he has, that’s a long way from Open Meeting Law violations and Data Breaches. And dig the handwritten comments, how petty can you get!

Just WOW… pathetic…

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