What chu think about Chu?

December 11th, 2008

Steven Chu, the new Secretary of Energy:

Energy Choice — Nobelist with Science Passion

The New Team — Steven Chu

Obama Selects Steven Chu as Energy Secretary

I’ve got mixed thoughts and am getting up to speed on Chu’s positions on energy issues — will have to chew on it a bit.  His statement that nuclear has to be part of the picture is disturbing to say the least, but on the other hand he’s no fan of coal.  He’s serious about global warming.  He’s a lot better than Hazel O’Leary in Clinton’s administration, anyone is, but…  So anyway, I’m reading the blather on the lists and looking around…  He seems an interesting an thoughtful guy, but… but… but… NUCLEAR?

And then there’s transmission, from the WSJ article below:

How about renewable energy? Dr. Chu already had a taste of Washington power-brokering, in a briefing with current Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman and Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson. He pitched them on the idea of an interstate electricity transmission system to be paid for by ratepayers. That would solve one of the biggest hurdles to wide-spread adoption of clean energy like wind and solar power.

From the WSJ’s Environmental Capital:
Steven Chu: Coal is my worst nightmare

Here’s an hour long interview to get an idea what he’s about:

Conversations with History: Steven Chu


Energy@Berkeley: Solutions to Global Warming


Dr. Steven Chu at the National Energy Summit

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