It’s out:

Marketing Analytics “State of the Market” report on PJM

These reports, regarding here, PJM, and also MISO’s report, it’s so useful to get the picture of what’s going on in the electrical world. Of note is the “market” focus, because that’s what PJM and MISO are all about, that’s what they’re for. See also the “NERC Report,” the annual Long Term Reliability Assessment that puts utility provided info together and lays out the reality of our electric energy situation.

Look at the numbers. PJM‘s supply is higher than peak demand, and demand dropped in 2022 from 2021. Note also that they’re factoring in exports. LOOK AT THE NUMBERS!

For those of you interested in real time updates (this is useful to check now and then) look at their Locational Marginal Pricing map:

And while you’re at it, check out MISO’s LMP map:

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