You can send a missive to the U.S. Postal Commission AT THIS LINK.

Here’s what I sent:

  • 1) PLEASE fire DeJoy. The lawsuit to rollback changes back a few years ago wasn’t enough. We need firm change in direction of USPS.
  • 2) Needed now, wage increase, serious recruitment, and establishment of a float pool to cover staff shortages. This is a management problem going to the very top. For months, we did not get mail, or very sporadically, like once, and maybe twice a week. Now we’re getting mail at least a few times weekly. This is not acceptable service from USPS.

One Response to “End of DeJoy? Let Commissioners know!”

  1. Barry Peterson Says:

    Get rid of the guy. Fire Louis DeJoy. He is no joy to most of us. He has conflicts of interest, has slowed down the mail, created problems for people who pay their bills via USPS and may be working to destroy the USPS to allow for profit enterprises in which he owns stocks to flourish. Has slowed down the timely delivery of medications. He is a true enemy of the people.

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