The STrib reports Todd Palin is in Minnesota, Duluth, Grand Rapids, Hibbing…

Todd Palin stumps in northern Minnesota

And from a little birdie, the photo below and a memorable sound bite from Todd Palin:

“When Sarah makes up her mind to do something, I’ve learned to just get outta the way, ‘cuz she’s gonna do it!”

It’s our job to make sure she doesn’t get the opportunity to do anything, eh?

Here’s something better — a photo of a really fine specimen near Duluth:

One Response to “Mr. Palin: “I’ve just learned to get out of the way…””

  1. Kevin Budig Says:

    We can only hope it is McCain and Palin.
    Cause I hate the thought of the Hopeless Changeling and old skool politician in the White House.
    Obama Bin Biden
    That is a big change now isn’t it?

    Socialism all the way huh?

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