Miss Nevada on nuclear waste

January 22nd, 2006


Oh, my, reality collides with Miss America…

Girls show up to see Miss America Hopefuls

Miss Nevada’s mother isn’t happy the judges’ interview of her daughter touched on a sensitive political subject.

One of the judges in Thursday’s interview with Crystal Wosik asked her what she thought about the nuclear waste repository proposed in her home state at Yucca Mountain. The facility has to go someplace, and Yucca Mountain is the best-built facility in the country, she replied.

And if people die?

“We just have to take one for the team,” said Wosik, 23, of Las Vegas.

“They really nailed her on the interview,” Lena Wosik told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “The judges were ruthless.”

The elder Wosik, an orthodontist assistant, said the judges shouldn’t have put her daughter on the spot.

“It’s a tragedy that we have nuclear waste, but it’s got to go somewhere. I’m sure she’ll get hate mail. I felt they should have been asking about education,” she added.

According to the Las Vegas Sun:

Sheriff Bill Young said the unit is on the alert for animal rights and environmental groups “and, God forbid, anything worse.”

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