As Nancy Prehn would say, BOOM!

Dominion has an underground natural gas storage facility near Leidy Township in Pennsylvania, sorta like the one in Waseca, Minnesota. The “Greenlick Field” is on fire, a well in the field is burning… a pilot flying over recently noticed the glow and reported it, and it’s been burning for days, and it may be burning for “up to two weeks.”

Gas well fire burns in Leidy

“Nobody has been hurt and it’s not near any structure,” Donovan said. “It’s not doing any harm. It’s flaring and burning. We had some difficulty getting the emergency equipment up there, and we have flown in some experts in this type of fire from Texas to help put it out.”

Donovan said this particular blaze is “just like any nossle-straight-up fire” involving natural gas. Emergency personnel cleared brush around a swathe of forest near the fire to ensure it didn’t spread to the nearby forest,” he said.

“We created the fire ring last night and it worked,” Donovan said. “We’re concentrating on getting it out right now.

“We have experts there this morning looking at it right now,” he added. “They are bringing specialized equipment in, but they have to examine the situation before they can decide whether they need it or not. The equipment won’t arrive until tomorrow morning, because they are driving it up from Texas.

and now it’s 2-3 weeks:

Gas fire could burn for weeks


Police set restrictions at gas well fire

and a daylight aerial photo:

Natural gas fire still going

Dominion’s Underground Storage Page

Update: It’s been sold!

… and from the blog “Solomon’s words,” these reports of the fire and photos:

Even airplanes restricted from gas well fire

Now granted the pressure in this one, at over 4,000 psi, is much greater than in the Waseca underground storage, it’s an example of why Nancy Prehn is concerned.  I sure wouldn’t want to live on top of a natural gas dome with wells surrounding my house!

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