If they don’t break the law…

September 1st, 2008

Choice link with a video that sums it all up, from the Daily Planet, Vlad Teichberg, Glass Bead Collective, on the targeting of journalists and advice for the cops:

Click for link to Vlad Teicherg, Glass Bead Collective

The genie is out of the bottle… there are so many people with cameras… the best thing that they can actually do is to just give up, obey the law, behave professionally, and then everything will be fine, because honestly, if they don’t break the law, they won’t be on youtube!

More from the Minnesota Independent:

National Lawyers Guild seeks to have judge review detentions of six activists by end of day

National Lawyers Guild: What police raids seized yesterday was not “weaponized” urine

… what a concept…

From the Daily Planet:

Pre-emptive police raids on protesters, journalists

From the STrib about the Veterans for Peace march:

Nine arrested in march on Xcel

… and the good news – the convention seems to be cancelled…

McCain orders convention curtailed for Gustav

So now everyone can go home and the RNC slides out of town without accountability…

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