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August 30th, 2008

The Republican National Convention – and the action isn’t at the Xcel Center.  For firsthand reports, almost literally up to the minute, check out:

The Uptake

They’ve been raiding houses in south Minneapolis. They’ve closed the “Convergence Center” in St. Paul. They arrested a RNC WC member on the street, raided a house in St. Paul today, and pulled people over on their bicycles in St. Paul… and “they” is ???? Heavy federal influence, Ramsey County was leading the raids Friday it seemed, and today’s raid in St. Paul seems to be only St. Paul Police. Who knows…

National Lawyers Guild Minnesota page – RNC 2008

On youtube, today’s St. Paul police raid at a house on Iglehart (search youtube, there’s more every minute):

National Lawyers Guild: Police Raid “Preventative Detention” Bruce Nestor, Lawyers Guild, addressing raids and arrests

Police bust through window to detain “Democracy Now” journalist

Police Raid on RND Protest Site on Iglehart Ave in St Paul

Lawyer in handcuffs-Police raid RNC’s journalist’s house

St. Paul Police Raid



See Twin Cities Indymedia … that is, if they’re online. It was out for a while, and it’s up and running again. They’ve altered their server to handle the traffic, and lo and behold, today somebody knocked at the door claiming there were fire code violations. I hope they’ve packed up and moved to somewhere safe rather than wait for the door to be kicked in with guns drawn.

For help if arrested or if you witness arrests, call the Coldsnap Legal Hotline


Here’s the Coldsnap site – information being updated regularly:

Coldsnap Legal Collective

From that site, here’s a:

Police Misconduct Report

Send completed forms by certified mail to:
Berglund & Magnuson, PLLC
1595 Selby Ave, Suite 102
St. Paul, MN 55104

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