Arrests start in St. Paul

August 30th, 2008

ATTENTION MEDIA POLICE – THIS IS FROM THE UK – I wouldn’t want to get anyone in St. Paul into any more trouble by publishing photos of cops taken there — oh, but you’d have taken away their cameras so there wouldn’t be any photos…

The Republican National Convention hasn’t even started, but they’re arresting and harassing and terrorizing the public already.

In the St. PPP:

Authorities raid, search protester’s hub

Perhaps because they couldn’t be shown up by Minneapolis’ finest:

Visiting journalists say police acted improperly

And how about this bizarre headline from MPR:

Protesters cause Capital building to be locked down

“Caused?” “CAUSED!!!!”

Also from MPR (featuring Dave Bicking):

“Takin it to the streets” ain’t what it used to be

And the STrib:

Poor People’s protesters leave State Capitol at closing

Does anyone remember Charlie Stenvig’s tach squad raiding parties? Here we go again… can you spell “POLICE STATE?”

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