As in Minnesota, there are a lot of wind projects in Wisconsin operating, under construction, and applied for. The Wisconsin Public Service Commission opened a docket to take comments on “Application Filing Requirements,” what all needs to be included in a wind project application. Here’s what’s proposed:

I got notice on this last week, I’d filed joint comments for two solar CPCN clients, Grant County Intervenors and Jewell Jinkins Intervenors, on the solar Application Filing Requirement docket (5-AFR-700) a year and a half ago, and now this.

Here’s the tome filed earlier today:

And because rules are not supposed to be adopted sans review and advice from the Wind Siting Council, which is being reformed after a multi-year hiatus, I filed our comments on their docket too:

Why? Well, they’re supposed to issue a report every 5 years, a legislative mandate:

They did meet, and issued the first report in 2014:

Note the Minority Report, Appendix F, p. 50-66:

After that, nada. The next report was due in 2019, and crickets… but people have been raising some ire, and they’ve reformed, repopulated the Wind Siting Council, with representatives, and it looks like they just might meet. Opened up PSC Docket 5-WF-2022:

New members appointed after discussion in a Commission meeting, and they will open a separate docket every year in January to record the workings of the WSC.

We shall see…

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