Doris Duke Foundation, you’re on the Legalectric radar again…

I wonder what Doris Duke would think about her foundation pushing coal gasification…

It’s that time of year again — the Doris Duke Foundation grants are due to be awarded. I was reminded recently while tooling down the road waiting for the Minnesota Public Radio report on the Public Utilities Commission meeting and decisions about Excelsior Energy’s Mesaba Project (note that Renee Sass is still MIA from their “About Us” page):

Iron Range Energy Project Dealt Another Setback

Reminded? How? Turns out the Doris Duke Foundation is an underwriter of news on MPR. Here’s their IGCC page:

Deploy and Develop Clean-Energy Technologies

Hmmmmmm… So let’s keep an eye on MPR news and see if Doris Duke Foundation comes up every time there’s something about the Mesaba Project.

Hey, Doris Duke Foundation, are you out there? When do grants come out this year? Have you figured out that coal gasification is one big losing proposition, “too risky for private investment” as the DOE says?

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