We need to know that shakedowns are occuring — yet I hesitate to publish something like this, and I’m not about to say how it got in my inbasket. Land of the free…

This is an example of where we’re headed — where we are. Let’s all call up DHS and schedule appointments so we don’t have to wonder when they’ll come knocking on our doors.

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From: La Voz de Aztlan [mailto:aztlan_.news@aztlan.net]
Sent: Thursday, January 12, 2006 3:15 PM
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Subject: DHS: “La Voz de Aztlan has raised eyebrows in Washington”

DHS: “La Voz de Aztlan has raised eyebrows in Washington”

by Hector Carreon
La Voz de Aztlan

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Los Angeles, Alta California, January 12, 2006 – (ACN) On the morning of
December 22, 2005, I noticed a business card that was left at the door
of my home. The card was from the US Department of Homeland Security and
had a handwritten note that said “Please call”. That afternoon I called
Los Angeles and spoke with the special agent whose name was on the card.
The DHS agent said they wanted to speak to me about “The Aztlan
Movement” and my organization. I answered, “Do you mean La Voz de
Aztlan?” I added, “La Voz de Aztlan is a news and information service.”
The special agent wanted to come to my home to speak to me personally on
the following day. We made a 8:30 a.m. appointment.

The knock on my door came at precisely 8:30 a.m. on December 23, 2005 as
my family was making final preparations for Christmas Day. On the other
side of my glass door were two gentlemen dressed in professional
business suits. I opened the door and we introduced each other. I
escorted them to my living room and introduced the two special agents to
two of my family members that were present. We all sat down and the lead
government agent began the conversation.

Among the first statements said by the special agent in charge was, “La
Voz de Aztlan has raised eyebrows in Washington”. He proceeded to ask
numerous questions about Aztlan. He said that he was not from the area
and wanted to know as much as possible about the “Aztlan Movement” and
my organization. I reiterated that “La Voz de Aztlan” is not an
organization per se but merely an Internet news service for Mexican and
Mexican-Americans in the US Southwest and in Mexico. I added that La Voz
de Aztlan, however, had attracted readership and subscriber from around
the globe.

He asked what Aztlan meant to me. I answered that Aztlan has many levels
of meaning. I said that “Aztlan” in the name of our news publication is
mostly symbolic. I gave both special agents the historic and cultural
basis for “Aztlan” . I mentioned that there exists historical Mexica
documents and old Spanish maps that point to an actual region called
“Aztlan” that existed in pre-Columbian times near the “four corners”
area of the US Southwest. I mentioned that according to ancient Mexica
(Aztec) lore, they were to migrate south to establish the great city of
Tenochtitlan (present day Mexico City) at a place where they were to see
a “sign”. The sign would be “An eagle on top of a cactus with a serpent
in its beak”. One of the special agents immediately recognized this
“sign” as being part of the Mexican flag.

At this point the conversation turned into “Aztlan” being a separatist
organization and whether I believed that the Southwest should separate
from Washington and become
part of Mexico. I said that there are many youths of Mexican descent
that believe in such a possibility but that my personal beliefs are more
in line with those of Professor Armando Navarro of the University of
California and of Professor Charles Truxillo of the University of New
Mexico. The special agent asked me whether I believed in the armed and
violent overthrow of the US government. I answered “no” and that I
believed in making social and political changes through the “ballot

The lead special agent also asked questions concerning a news report we
had on a legendary Iraqi sniper that our troops have nicknamed “Juba”.
The report included a link to a video on the server of “The Internet
Archive” at www.archive.org. “The Internet Archive” is funded by the US
Library of Congress but the video appears to have been produced by
Al-Queda. We have now removed two reports on “Juba” because of the
concerns communicated to us by the DHS.

There were numerous other questions concerning my education, employment
and military record with the US Army 2nd Armored Division. They asked
what kind of weapons I own and where in the house I kept them. They
asked whether I had friends and who were my associates. They asked about
Ernesto Cienfuegos, Roberto Cruz and my association with Dr. Armando
Navarro. They also asked how I got along with my neighbors.

At about this point, the second special agent got up and approached me
with a clip board and a document. He requested that I print my name on a
line at the top and sign at the bottom. I ask what it was for and he
answered that it was permission for them to examine my computer. All
this time the special agent in charge was in constant radio
communication with someone at a remote location. I had to decide on the
spot whether to grant permission or insist on a court warrant. I decided
that it would be the best course to continue to fully cooperate with the
federal agents and I sign the document. Right after I signed, the lead
agent radioed someone and within five minutes two more special agents
arrived to my home with suitcases of electronic equipment. The lead
agent asked me to escort them to my computer room where they spent two
hours copying the hard disk of my computer. I do not know what else they
did down there because I was kept busy by the other two agents upstairs
answering additional questions.

It was clear to me that the Department of Homeland Security had
conducted previous surveillance and investigations because they already
had much information on myself and our news publication “La Voz de
Aztlan”. The special agent in charge gave me the distinct impression
that they were acting on high level orders from Washington. We suspect
Congressman Tom Tancredo, the AIPAC or both. We are presently preparing
a “congressional inquiry” in an attempt to find out who was behind this
frightening invasion of privacy and government action that has “chilled”
our constitutional freedom of speech and of the press.


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