Biogas for Rock-Tenn?

August 5th, 2008

Supposedly the St. Paul Port Authority has recommended biogas as fuel for Rock-Tenn.  Now just what does “biogas” mean?  And produced in “rural Minnesota” and sent via pipeline?  What pipeline, through whose yards? And a twist – Rock-Tenn must commit for 10 years?  GOOD, that’s a first… and a necessary requirement to commit to stay if their steam needs are government subsidized.  Would 10 years be enough to justify that level of public spend?  Can the public get an equity interest for its investment?


Hone asked for an assurance that refuse-derived fuel is definitively “off the table.” She didn’t get it, as both Klein and Carpenter said they could not make that statement.

From the Daily Planet:

Rock-Tenn fuel plans: Win/win at last?

Here’s the article from STrib:

Biogas is endorsed as best fuel for recycler

So biogas “endorsed” but garbage not off table.  What does the “endorsement” mean?

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