I’m seeing a lot of handringing. Do read Heather Cox Richardson’s explanation of where we’re at, it’s linked below, and focus on the big picture, and the need to ACT! Stand up, NOW, and OFTEN. We have to get to work, and keep working.


Now, as if this isn’t bad enough, this is the door opening to other decisions allowing states to take away rights.

Each of the newer Supreme Court justices lied under oath and demonstrated that stare decisis is NOT a legal principle they are at all concerned about.

Heather Cox Richardson’s take on this is important to understand. This is one step in a planned, plotted, effort to take away our rights.

Heather Cox Richardson, June 24, 2002

For the first time in our history, rather than conveying rights, the court has explicitly taken a constitutional right away from the American people...

The Dobbs decision marks the end of an era: the period in American history stretching from 1933 to 1981, the era in which the U.S. government worked to promote democracy. It tried to level the economic playing field between the rich and the poor by regulating business and working conditions. It provided a basic social safety net through programs like Social Security and Medicare and, later, through food and housing security programs. It promoted infrastructure like electricity and highways, and clean air and water, to try to maintain a basic standard of living for Americans. And it protected civil rights by using the Fourteenth Amendment, added to the U.S. Constitution in 1868, to stop states from denying their citizens the equal protection of the laws.

Now is the time to ACT. Do something every day. Donate to viable candidates near and far, and work on campaigns. Donate to non-profits working on abortion rights, and also those organizations working on the big picture preservation of Constitutional rights v. the states rights bandwagon to eliminate rights. Contact OFTEN your state’s U.S. Representatives and Senators to push for codification. Sign up to help transport and house and support women coming to our state and others (there are many maps floating around, believe this to be accurate, but ?):

Other suggestions for ACTIONS?!?! Do add a comment, please!!

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