There are two ways that elected U.S. Representatives tried to torpedo the 2020 election. The first was through signing on to an Amicus Brief in Texas A.G. Paxton’s bogus “STATE OF TEXAS, Plaintiff,
v. COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA , et al., Defendants.”

That list is here — the yellow fill is those who did not also vote against Certification of the 2020 Presidential election on January 6:

Each of these Representatives are vulnerable — they signed on to a lawsuit with no basis in fact, one where the attorney leading the charge is being sanctioned for misrepresentations and lies:

Disciplinary action against Texas A.G. Ken Paxton

And doh, that’s the second way they are vulnerable. Many U.S. Representatives voted NO, voted AGAINST certification of the 2020 Presidential Election — and in this chart, the yellow fill is those who did NOT also sign on to the Amicus Brief in Paxton’s suit:

In each of their re-election campaigns, whether they signed on to the Amicus Brief, or whether they voted against Certification of the election results, or BOTH, these actions need to be raised LOUDLY, and REPEATEDLY, because someone doing either of these dastardly deeds is trying to overturn the election, obstruct peaceful transfer of power, and trying to deliver a fatal blow to our Republic. Any elected official taking part in either or both of these actions has no business in government.

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