Itasca Park goes wireless!

July 21st, 2008

Bizarre, but true! Something that makes camping a lot easier — internet access! Week before last, we took a couple of days off  and went up to Lake Itasca so Alan could see more of Minnesota, and given we’ve both got “virtual offices,” it’s really a problem to be off-line. So hearing that Douglas Lodge at Itasca had wireless, yes, Douglas Lodage:

I figured it wouldn’t be that tough to go over there once in a while. Guess again, there was too much to do and then, after we finally got to the desk near the fireplace, and when telling management how much I appreciated having access there, I learned it was all over the park, and even IN THE PINE RIDGE CAMPGROUND! PERFECT.  Yup, here’s the proof, above!

And we had a wonderful visit with Rollie and Shar Jacobsen, who are living now up near Park Rapids, home of a real old fashioned ice cream parlor (Rollie knows what I like!). I so miss having them as neighbors and extended family right downstairs… as we left, Rollie handed me a genuine Jacobsen’s bag, and delight of delights, it was filled with Jerry Garcia Band CD’s, 10-15 (haven’t counted), I’m still on the second one and savoring every bit.

And yes, we did get out in a boat on Lake Itasca, and saw new baby loons, and one huge, HUGE snapping turtle swimming along.  The world’s biggest red pine is a little worse for wear…

No… this wasn’t the one swimming across the lake…

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