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What is Tim Pawlenty, the Green Chameleon, thinking? Very odd move… I cannot believe, though I guess it’s good if some of Koppendrayer’s beliefs about Excelsior Energy’s Mesaba Project are genetically implanted in her brain… but some things I find in a search do not bode well. First, she has ZERO experience in utilities. ZERO.

Second, she seems to spout off the way Koppendrayer does. Earlier this session, Wergin weighed in on a bill that would allow chiropractors to practice on animals, saying:

We need to keep in perspective the differences beween animals and humans.

[Animals] do not have the same status of humans… Animals are checked into the cargo space of airplanes.

Here’s Wergin’s take on whistleblower Paul Wotzka testifying:

Paul Wotzka is a hydrologist who worked for the Department of Agriculture for 16 years and then moved to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Last spring, he was invited to testify before a different legislative committee, but his superiors refused permission. Shortly afterward he was fired.

The state maintains Wotzka was fired not for his interest in testifying, but because he took files from the Agriculture Department to his new job.

Sen. Betsy Wergin says that’s reason enough not to have him testify.

“And Senator Marty I’m going to ask that you not have this person testify because I think it’s wrong,” she said.

And then there’s this — Wergin and Laura Brod were leading the GOP charge against Franken:

Here’s Pawlenty’s official blather:

“Betsy has a tremendous combination of small business and public policy experience as well as extensive community involvement,” Governor Pawlenty said. “This perspective will be a great benefit to her on the PUC.”

… now she’s on the PUC… what does this mean? Given a comparison of my little bro’s opinions and mine, it’s even more confusing!

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