Do we really need to go through all this again? I guess, as with nuclear waste dry casks, I’ll have to dig through the porch and attic for my files.

Today, comments were due on a “rulemaking” question from the Public Utilities Commission, with a very limited about “should the Commission amend the pipeline rules to include CO2 as a hazardous gas.” That limited, and nothing about whether they should initiate a more general rulemaking with CO2 specific provisions. GRRRRRRR.

Here’s my first Comment:

Overland – Initial Comment – CO2 pipeline

Here’s my Reply Comment filed yesterday:

Overland – Reply Comment

It is so infuriating to see the CO2 pipeline application filed in Iowa, and the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission having an “informational” planning session with only promotional toadies pushing for CO2 capture and storage and pipelines:

Earth to Mars, where’s the notion of ELIMINATION of CO2 generation?

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