Here’s the Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement:


Draft-SEIS – Download

Xcel Energy still refuses to disclose the dry casks it wants to use, and yes, they probably won’t order them until there’s a permit to do it, but when Orano folks show up at the Dept. of Commerce-EERA meeting, both Roger Maggi, the Chief Communications Officer, and their Chief Engineer, Jack Beshoin (?) of recently NRC licensed “Interim Storage Partners, LSP” in Texas, odds are pretty good it’s a Orano/TN product, eh?

Here are docs from the NRC on the Texas licensing, note that the Texas license does NOT include use of TN-40 or TN-40HT casks, AND another FYI, Texas has pass law to disallow this “interim” storage:

Interim Storage Partners, Issuance of Materials License SNM-2515, WCS Consolidated Interim Storage Facility ISFSI

Accession Number: ML21188A096

Date Released: Monday, September 13, 2021

OK, back to work!

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