WAR! What is it good for?

February 28th, 2022

When will we ever learn?

It seems to me that a lot of this, the timing and the target, is due to the corruption of our former ASSet-in-Chief, who was bought by Putin and Russian money. Sanctions will bring some of the corruption into the open. Some of this I knew a while ago, but putting some, and not nearly all, of the details together is stunning.

How is it that someone so corrupt isn’t serving decades in jail? How could someone so corrupt run for President, much less be elected?

From House of Trump House of Putin, does this sound familiar:

How do we get back to media that reports facts, where spin is clearly labeled as such, where critical thinking is taught and practiced, and where liars are called out and held accountable? My time at KFAI taught me that truth needs to be pushed on people, we won’t just find it passively, ah, yes, days of “We Want You To Know,” and fighting a battle against MPR’s money and power for air space. This entire country needs an intervention, STAT. May that’s what Putin is giving us?

Trump was soliciting Russian attention, and more importantly, money, for decades. His Atlantic City casino was nailed with the largest fine in NJ for money-laundering (but a mere $450k or so), and that was decades ago, and millions and millions ago. He courted Russian money, and was severely compromised in the process. How is it that he was not arrested and jailed decades ago?

It’s not plausible that Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is not connected to the change in administration here. I really want to see all the dots and how they connect.

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