Can someone explain how this ASSet was ever elected to office? And so many have not acknowledge their complicity, much less done anything to fix this mess. Worse are those U.S. electeds shouting out their support for Putin! As if the yahoos weren’t bad enough… Makes me nauseous…

I’d ordered House of Trump House of Putin (check this review, mostly noting it’s a rehash of old news) when it came out, some time in 2018, but it’s sat virtually unopened, only 60 some pages waded through. Why? Ages ago I had a U.S. and Soviet policy class at Metro State, circa 1988 or ’89, and it was dreadful, for some reason my brain takes to that as it does to algebra, it’s utterly unworkable, grey mush where grey matter should be. I barely squeaked through. I couldn’t bring myself to read this book.

This weekend, I am. A rehash of old news? It’s news that needs to see the light of day, right now, as Putin’s army stomps into Ukraine. We need to address the connections of Trump to Putin, to Trump’s influence over U.S. policy, of Trump’s ham-handed attempt at extortion of Ukraine, etc., etc., etc. How can anyone forget, or make light of, the public on-camera “RUSSIA, IF YOU’RE LISTENING…

Then when living in Delaware part-time, after a trip to Atlantic City and seeing the bombed out look of the place, I got this book, Temples of Chance, which deals a lot with Trump and his ties to organized crime (note money laundering theme running through both books), and that did not have the same soporific effect as U.S./Soviet policy, maybe it’s David Cay Johnston’s writing (he twits a lot too):

Anyway, pulled out and dusted off House of Trump House of Putin, and can’t put it down. EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS. Old news? Sure, but necessary details to dredge up, details that should have been blurted non-stop leading up to the 2016 election. How the hell did that disaster ever happen?

You can pick it up at and it’s CHEAP!

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