Contact Pres. Biden to live up to his promise to bring refugee ceiling back up, he’d promised 125,000, but only brought it up to 62,500, and that was after LOUD outrage when he said he was going to leave it at the slashed level of the previous administration!! Campaign promise – 125,000. Just do it. Get with it, Biden: CLICK HERE FOR CONTACT WHITE HOUSE PAGE

In today’s Federal Register documents for Public Inspection, this:

That’s a drop in the bucket as far as money goes. And how about raising the limit of refugees that was slashed during the prior administration:

And for 2022?

In Another Reversal, Biden Raises Limit on Number of Refugees Allowed Into the U.S.

That campaign pledge?

That increase to 62,500 is only half way there to 125,000. And what about letting people in? Raising the ceiling does nothing if the U.S. is not letting people in.

And through recent history, here are the numbers, the ceiling and admissions:

Here’s from 2009:

And since 1980:

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