Memories of Delaware…

November 18th, 2021

Alan remembered why he had a bedside commode… he’d brought it to a Wilmington City Council meeting, and put a map of the city’s rivers below it, and dropped little brown blobs, perhaps recycled cat turds? Naaaah…

This was about the same time he was busted for putting up signs at a sewer outflow to let people know (because people were SWIMMING there and down river) that there was RAW SEWAGE running into the Brandywine River.

Tommy the Turd made appearances too, warning people about the sewage:

Digging into the history and work of Green Delaware, and organizing what files are left. I’m really thrilled that I saved Tommy the Turd, and the blue/green glitter fish costume, and might still find Gov. Minner the hippo being lead by the nose by bankers, surrounded by pigs!

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