Once again, it’s Nuclear Daze… but it’s Nuclear Daze LITE!

Yesterday was the PUC meeting where they were perhaps going to decide whether to approve Xcel Energy’s cask request, which was essentially to give them the go ahead to do whatever! The good news is that Commerce-EERA pushed for a supplemental EIS, which is in the works:

The Comment period is open until October 20, 2021, and there are two scoping meetings:

Now for the webcast — this might not load properly out in the woods, so I’ll link it here starts at 2:08:20:

PUC Webcast September 23, 2021

And here’s the webcast – we’re #4, but the third on the video because they pulled the first item.

Now, let’s get to work on those comments for the scope of the Supplemental EIS:

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