How can it be?  The IGCC coal gasification project from hell, the zombie that lives on and on and on that even its developers, Excelsior Energy, don’t even dare bring before the PUC tomorrow, this boondoggle got yet another perk from the IRS!  $133.5 in tax credits!  WHATEVER ARE THEY THINKING?

Here’s the press release:

IRS grants Mesaba Project $133.5 million in investment tax credits

Pass the barf bag…

2 Responses to “Yet another perk for Mesaba?”

  1. Harry Says:


    How could you be against a project which promises to use “… a technology that is mission-critical to addressing climate
    change, national energy security, and providing a means to use our country’s vast
    domestic coal resources in an environmentally responsible way.”

  2. Mary Jo Says:

    Harry, Harry, Harry — we’ve heard it all before, promises, promises, promises. Who benefits? Who loses? Who pays? Who suffers the consequences of these bogus – sure to fail ‘solutions’? Keep the coal in the ground – CO2 contained ‘safely’ and not pumped or pipe to who knows where through who knows what, another plundering disaster in the making.

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