Backing off on biodiesel?

December 24th, 2005

Hey Mike — what’s up with the biodiesel? The headlines say there’s trouble, and I can just hear my old boss, Craig Bongard, Bongard Trucking in Farmington, yammering about biodiesel, we went at it a few times about it, and I can hear him hollering about this. Makes me wonder what the fuss is about. Here it is, just after the first cold snap — is this just happening in trucks without tank heaters??? I’ve got to admit, when it’s cold out, I don’t miss driving…

In the Strib:

Sputtering trucks lead state to life fuel rule

And in the St.PPP:

State biodiesel law on hold

Kelly truck_edited.JPG
My truck over Xmas week 1988, or was it ’87, taken at the Magic Wand in Vegas…

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