Yeah, just WOW! I cannot believe… in 25+ years practicing before the Commission I’ve not seen such utter failure to include public comments and address the concerns raised. Their notion of public participation is a farce.

In the Walleye Wind dockets, PUC Dockets IP7026/CN-20-268 and WS-20/384, PUC staff utterly excluded the Comments filed on May 20 by Walleye Neighbors of Minnesota and South Dakota. Our comments? Pretty weighty:

I doubt these comments were ignored. My guess is they didn’t want to deal with it and so swept it under the rug. Nope, ain’t gonna let that slide.

Here are the briefing papers, search for “Walleye Neighbors,” and you’ll find just one reference:

Whatever happened to public participation?

We’re on it:

The Commission meeting is tomorrow, starting at 9:15 a.m. Do I really need to get dressed and go to St. Paul? ABSOLUTELY!

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