Direct Action!

April 29th, 2008

A couple months ago, I was at my neighbor’s coffee shop, The Galley Room on Main Street in Red Wing, and i saw a stove that looked just like the one I had at 2806 – 12th Ave So., I lived there for three years or so.  I really liked it, and the one I have now is so blah, so spur of the moment, I bought it.  Then Ann at Ferrin’s had told Deb she wanted to use it for her Christmas window, so there it was for a couple of months, focus of a cute winter scene.  Now that we’re back, it was time to have it delivered.  So, here it is, and the name, which I hadn’t noticed (it was THAT spur of the moment, name, who cares, I WANT IT!), it’s name is: DIRECT ACTION!  How appropriate!  So that’s the next project, after the bathroom is up and running, and it looks like the toilet and sink may be functional today.  The largest of the bathtub parts arrived UPS today.  Soon, though it won’t be next to the window, it has to be on the other side to get the plumbing to it:

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