There was the Comment to MPCA by Carl Nelson, Green Institute, laying out problems with the Kandiyohi Midtown Eco-Crapper:

Green Institute Comments to MPCA re: Kandiyohi Midtown

Shortly therefter, Carol Pass of East Phillips Improvement Coalition, renounced the organization’s prior support of the Kandiyohi Midtown Eco-Crapper.

The separation and opposition grows, and I’m finally getting around to posting a couple of letters from important past supporters of the project who are no longer, and who have voiced critical and specific concerns.  This letter is reprinted with express permission:

David Morris Letter to City of Mpls – Opposition to Kandiyohi – April 2008

And now there’s Jeff Cook Coyle, who used to be the Manager of the Phillips Community Energy Co-op, associated with Green Institute, which was a partner in the Midtown Eco-Crapper before Krause left the Green Institute, becoming Kandiyohi, with the Midtown Eco-Crapper in tow.  This email is reprinted with express permission:

Jeff Cook Coyle to legislators – opposing Kandiyohi – April 2008

Yes, I would say there’s a trend here!  The Midtown Eco-Crapper is going up in flames as a bad burner should!

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