Here’s something I found while randomly googling around today, always looking for something about Excelsior Energy’s Mesaba Project, the IGCC coal gasification project from hell that just won’t go away, the slowest demise of a putrid power plant I’ve ever seen…

Anyway, here’s a powerpoint from Steve Jenkins, and what’s important is the slides just at the end, where he’s comparing SO2 emissions of various IGCC proposals and the two existing plantlets (mini plants):

Steve Jenkins – IGCC Environmental Performance: A Review of Air Emission Rates for U.S. IGCC Projects in Development

What important is that the emissions predicted for Excelsior Energy’s Mesaba Project are significantly higher than the others, SIGNIFICANTLY HIGHER.  When Alan Muller had questioned the Excelsior witnesses at the hearing, they’d said that a more effective means was “too expensive.”  From the charts in Jenkins’ powerpoint, it seems something to pay attention to!

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