My Letter to the Editor was published in the Post Bulletin:

Letter: Red Wing recall coverage lacking

Written By: Carol A. Overland | 10:00 am, May 13, 2021

The Post Bulletin coverage of the misguided “Recall City Hall” effort in Red Wing is tantamount to free advertising. It’s not a matter of “both sides.” It’s objectivity and facts at issue.

“The Post Bulletin reached out to both City Council President Becky Norton and City Administrator Kay Kuhlman Sunday night but neither responded in time for deadline.” Contact on a Sunday night for 9 a.m. Monday publication is poor practice at best.

There’s been no reporting on complaints of misrepresentation of the recall, with canvassers discussing taxes, Pohlman’s firing, and “the Bridge to Nowhere.” The basis for recall is the claim of open meeting law violations. Did signers understand the limitation of open meeting law violations claimed in the petitions, and that “lower taxes” or “opposing the Bridge to Nowhere,” aren’t at issue? Where canvassers are raising other issues, is that fraudulent solicitation?

Mayor Wilson claims to not take a position, but articles and his words show otherwise. Articles quote or mention previous city council members. Rehder, a recall principal, was censured by the council for inappropriate behavior and directed to mediation – but rather than address those issues, she resigned. Other recall principals are Hintz, Stone, and Laugen, all failed council candidates, and former-Chief Pohlman’s wife, failed school board candidate. All are public figures, spreading disinformation at every turn.

The U.S. is a democratic republic where we elect officials to vote for us. Sour-grapers are working to disenfranchise voters with this recall. There is no malfeasance or nonfeasance.

Carol A. Overland, Red Wing

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