It’s still a GAS!

February 28th, 2021

When considering this natural gas mess, and the potential impacts on Minnesota ratepayers, do note that the spike lasted for what, 3 days? Does that sound like screwed up infrastructure to you?? Looks to me to be more of a price-gouging opportunity. Bottom line? Demonstrate that the gas storage was used to mitigate impact.

I spent too much time watching the video of a Public Utilities Commission webcast of a special meeting (details here) specifically about this: Webcast

After the PUC Meeting, I filed a comment on the PUC Docket (G999/CI-21-135) focused on the need to dig into STORAGE, and CenterPoint’s 7 billion cubic feet stored underground in southern Minnesota:

And then next up was a Committee on Energy and Utilities Finance and Policy and the House Committee on Climate and Energy Finance and Policy.

Fired off a quick missive to the members for Joint Senate and House meeting on Natural Gas:

And that meeting was a major disappointment, very little time for questions and very little questioning, so fired this off too:

For some background, check out this “Natural Gas in Minnesota” from House Research (note p. 15, 2.2 billion cubic feet of natural gas storage).

The assumption that ratepayers will pay for this price spike is obscene. Demonstrate that the gas storage was used to mitigate impact. Then we can talk!

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