NERC has disappeared

February 20th, 2021


Try and this is what you get today!

And if you want the 2020 Reliability Assessment, at, here’s what you get:

Here’s the downloaded NERC Long Term Reliability Assessment 2020:

OH NOOOOOO, I DIDN’T DOWNLOAD IT!! Here it is, thanks to Wayback:

NERC completely disappears. Is that weird or what? I’ve been posting the 2020 Reliability Assessment all over, because the extent of misinformation being pushed, folks trying to blame blackout on wind is absolutely a disinformation campaign, and the clear denial of ERCOT of any potential for reliability issues is stunning.

Here’s the ERCOT generation mix, p. 140 of the NERC Long Term Reliability Report:

And delusional paragraph on upper right of p. 140:

Got that first sentence? “ERCOT does not foresee any adverse reliability concerns for the Texas RE-ERCOT assessment area associated iwth fuel supply or fuel deliverability constraints.” Ummmmm… right…

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