QAnon? You’ve been played!

January 20th, 2021

QAnon's 'Great Awakening' failed to materialize. What's next could be worse  | QAnon | The Guardian

The QAnon ‘Storm’ Never Struck. Some Supporters Are Wavering, Others Steadfast

Former President Donald Trump did not declare martial law in his final minutes in office; nor did he reveal a secret plan to remain in power forever. President Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi were not sent to Guantánamo Bay. The military did not rise up and arrest Democratic leaders en masse.

Instead, Biden took the oath of office and became the 46th U.S. president on Wednesday.

And even more details:

Some QAnon followers lose hope after inauguration

QAnon supporters believed Wednesday’s inauguration was an elaborate trap set by the former president, wherein Democrats would be rounded up and executed while Trump retained power.

Rounded up an executed? And these are the folks who were “storming the Capital” two weeks ago.

And same goes for the Proud Boys, so disappointed, not getting what they wanted:

‘A total failure’: The Proud Boys now mock Trump

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