And to think they called Rudy “Governor Goofy!” Pawlenty takes the cake for goofy toadyism when he sucks up to coal. McCain better let this guy know what a liability he is when he says stupid things like:

“Next-generation coal is going to need to continue to be part of our energy future for this country,” said GOP Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota, chairman of the National Governors Association.

“It is abundant, it is available, it is Americanized in the sense that we control the supply,” he said Saturday. “We would be incomplete and doing a disservice to the debate and the ultimate policy direction that we’re going to take if we don’t envision coal being part of that.”

Pawlenty announced another bowl of alphabet soup: SCEF

Securing a Clean Energy Future

You can find a story on the National Gov’s Ass. winter meeting here:

Governors see place for clean coal energy

With cute quotes like:

Presidents of two big power companies urged governors not to dismiss coal. “We cannot ignore coal, we cannot demonize coal,” said Thomas Farrell, chairman of Richmond, Va.-based Dominion Resources Inc.

Well, DUH, of course, what else would big power companies say???

Something similar in the STrib:

In D.C. Palwenty calls for cleaner energy

And to all that I say, “NO NEW COAL!” DUH!

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