From a stranger in a very strange land, a question posed from the home of former Gov. Jesse Ventura, current Gov. Tim Pawlenty, soon-to-be U.S. Senator Al Franken, former Congressional candidate Wendy Wilde and former State House Rep. Mike Osskopp, all radio personalities who quit when they were campaigning:

Where a candidate for federal office buys time on a cable channel, does the “Equal Time” provision kick in?

Here’s David Oxenford’s post last October on this very question:

Steven Colbert. Equal Opportunities and the Candidate Host

And regarding that question posed, from Oxenford himself:

Sounds to me that, in your situation, if the candidate bought the time,
it’s just like the Hillary Clinton hour on the Hallmark Channel – other
candidates probably have equal opportunity rights – but they just have
the opportunity to buy an equal amount of time on the cable channel.
They don’t get free time unless the first candidate got her time for

Yup, that’s just what I was thinking…

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