I’ve learned that several people who have regularly participated in the Annual Power Plant Siting Act Hearing, and who have devoted thousands of hours on energy issues as Intervenors, Task Force members, etc., did not get notice of the hearing. I am urging circulation of the service list so we can determine who is missing.

If you have been active in siting dockets at “the agency formerly known as the EQB” and did not get notice, please email them and let them know you were excluded from the “formerly EQB” general service list and want to be added: (handles the PUC service list)

Here’s their link for “Mailing Lists” but it doesn’t have the “general service list” as an option’

If you’re a participant or interested observer, please take a few minutes to make sure you’re on the general service list.


Oh, it was one of those days, I forgot my camera, and I decided not to bring the coffee pot on the trek through the snow to St. Paul for the Annual Power Plant Siting Act Hearing.


Here’s the explanation of Power Plant Siting from the agency formerly known as the EQB. Just don’t get hung up on the “Power Plant” part of it, because it’s really the means for siting all large electric facilities, including generation, transmission and even nuclear waste. And the point of the hearing is to provide the public with a regular opportunity to tell the agency how it’s doing.

We were off to a bad start before the meeting even began — notice of the meeting was not sent to at least two energy advocates, Kristen Eide-Tollefson and Bill Neuman. Make that three — Linda Hanson, WOLF, just let me know that she didn’t get notice either, and she’s a formal intervenor and past participant in PPSA hearings… and then I remember that a year ago, the PUC allowed Minnesota Power to file its ATC Petition without even serving the intervenors in the Arrowhead case. Two points makes a line… and as with the last time, I’m so furious I’m almost speechless… and that’s rare!

Here’s my point for the PPSA hearing — the big picture, IT’S ALL CONNECTED! The pink squares are COAL plants, proposed and two or three rumored, totalling about 9,000MW. I’m going to do a little more work on this and submit it for the record in every proceeding I’m involved in, and ideally, with overlays of the WRAO report so we can easily see the origins of the projects — over time, all of those projects are being built. Here’s the map:

MAPP map coal & transmission.JPG

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