COVID increases in SE MN

November 11th, 2020

COVID is on the rise in Minnesota, hospitalizations are far above the first wave peak:

Hospital beds, STAFFED hospital beds, ICU beds, are running short, per Gov. Walz’ presentation yesterday:

Here’s the snapshot in Goodhue County:

From the County:

Goodhue County issues pandemic appeal to stop community spread

And DOH:

The most effective ways to reduce the spread of the virus are to limit in-person gatherings, wash hands, stay at least six feet away from others, and to wear a face mask every time you are around people from outside your household.

Want to know how intense COVID is in your county, and the relative risk of a COVID infected person in a gathering? Check this out (I set it at 25, because if you go to a store, it’s easy to have 25 people in the area):

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