Irony, thoughts and prayers

October 3rd, 2020

Look at this photo. Elbow to elbow. Count the masks. How is this set up not irresponsible high-risk intentional COVID spread? It’s beyond negligence. This outbreak in the tRump administration looks like it goes back to the Rose Garden announcement of Barrett’s appointment to the Supreme Court. Many who were there are now suffering from COVID. Whose idea was this set up with zero distancing (except to the stage, 12-15 feet there), who let these folks come in without masks on, who let this shitshow go forward? This is beyond irresponsible, it’s intentional disregard for science and for every person there (and why on earth would anyone participate in this during a pandemic?). Responsibility goes a long way, and irresponsibility is spreading far and wide. At least seven present now have confirmed COVID, how many more? How many more were infected by those now testing positive? How many will die? How many will “recover” but suffer long term impacts?

This is on tRump and his minions, and now, literally he, and they, are paying the price. But so many more were infected. Everyone in this administration shares some responsibility for letting this occur. Trump’s disregard for science and the pandemic has come home to roost.

“Thoughts and prayers.”

Scrutiny on Rose Garden event after Kellyanne Conway and other guests test positive for Covid

Trump sets off multi-state Covid tracing crisis

Utterly irresponsible:

Minnesota Republicans fly Delta home from D.C. after COVID-19 exposure

Reps. Stauber, Emmer and Hagedorn appear to have violated airline policy. 

And oh, the irony…

Prominent Minnesota Republicans in quarantine, seeking COVID-19 tests after Trump visit

Minnesota business executive Stanley Hubbard, a frequent GOP donor, said he skipped the fundraiser. “It’s foolish to go out with strangers right now. We don’t do it,” he said.


How stupid can they be? Well, we’re seeing that in technicolor.

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