Yup, the Republican masters want to eliminate citizenship for those born here. Great… just great… Let’s manufacture another “us v. them” issue to generate some more hate and discontent. Ain’t this a great country?

The other day, I was wondering what on earth Pawlenty could be getting at looking at “costs of illegal immigration” and those costs focus on education and healthcare…. well, folks, I found an article yesterday in the LA Times that explains the goal, or “a goal” to address the “problems” shown in the study — an obvious connection and I went back and posted it at the end of that blog. So guess what shows up in today’s STrib?

Second thoughts about citizenship as birthright

A push in Congress this week is an effort to keep kids of illegal immigrants from being citizens.

So it’s a safe assumption that this “study” fits with the policy change, will be used to justify it, and this is going to be a big push going forward? But what do you expect from the “protect the rich and punish the poor” “It’s all about meeeeee” mindset…

A proposal like this is a major political liability, not a workable or credible campaign platform plank. Whatever are they thinking? It looks like Republican masters are way out there, in search of a cause. And if we’re lucky, they’ll keep going down this bizarre track and voila, out with the bad, in with the … well, that’s a whole ‘nother post.


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