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August 14th, 2020

UPDATE — keep those complaints rolling in:

Exclusive: Postal service inspector general reviewing DeJoy’s policy changes and potential ethics conflicts

There have been articles saying that “the agency was prohibiting overtime and that postal workers should leave mail behind at processing plants if it would cause them to leave late.”

There has been tRump saying, admitting, he’s using funding of USPS as a weapon. From the Guardian, “Trump admits he is undermining USPS to make it harder to vote by mail.”

Trump said on Thursday that congressional negotiations over stimulus aid were held up in part because of Democratic proposals to provide $3.6bn to states to run elections and $25bn in aid to the postal service. The president, who has falsely claimed that widespread mail-in voting will lead to fraud, suggested that without the funding it would be harder to vote by mail.

“They need that money in order to have the post office work so it can take all of these millions and millions of ballots,” Trump said in an interview with Fox Business’s Maria Bartiromo. “If they don’t get those two items, that means you can’t have universal mail-in voting because they’re not equipped to have it.”

There is no doubt that Louis DeJoy, Postmaster General, has a conflict of interest, well… MANY:

Fact check: New postmaster general invested in Postal Service competitors

That alone should be enough to have him ejected. Yet there he is!

Warren and other top Democrats ask USPS watchdog to investigate practices

Specifically related to voting by mail and delays until after close of polls, there is this:

Management Alert – Timeliness of Ballot Mail in the Milwaukee P&DC Service Area and for details, Read full report HERE.

I found this, “Expedited to Street Afternoon Sortation,” which does support the claim of process and procedural changes that would result in delays. By delaying sorting until afternoon, that sets back delivery by a day at least:

There have been verified reports of mailboxes being removed, and of mail sorting machines being removed, though it looks as though this is a response to the drop in snail mail, which does make sense to me, so I don’t regard this as another problematic issue. Does anyone go to a corner mailbox anymore? Why when you can just clip mail to your home mailbox? Methinks this is a non-issue.


What to do? It seems Congress has to act, but with the Senate stonewalling, then what? The House did send a letter, our Rep. Angie Craig signed, but it was sent to Postmaster General DeJoy, which he probably will put in the circular file:

Seems to me the thing to do is to contact the Inspector General at the United States Postal Service!

File a Complaint – FORM IS HERE!

Contact the USPS Board of Governors:

Making it easy, just cut and paste:,,,,,

And contact your Senators and Representative and get them to file a Complaint!

Gotta do something, and it’s not the sort of thing that buying stamps will cure. But here’s the link for stamps, what the hell, buy some stamps, send out some “How are you?” COVID notes:


4 Responses to “Contact USPS Inspector General”

  1. Dorothy Anderson Says:

    Please do whatever you can to stop the attack on the USPS- the service is beloved and necessary, sometimes life or death!

  2. Connie Sierras Says:

    Why are sorting machines being removed? Why are post offices being closed?

    The postal SERVICE should not be required to make a profit. The military is a govt service & it’s not required to make a profit.

    The requirement to prefund retirement should also be removed as it is intended solely to destroy the postal service we rely on.

  3. Bryan Hickman Says:

    Please convict that traitor running the post office voter scam.

  4. Elisa Barnett Says:

    Fund the post office and put those sorting machines and mailboxes back right now. The rath of the people will be on you and unforgiving.This attack on the post office is an attack on our rights. It is a deliberate attack by Trump and his henchmen to interfere with voting in the election in November. This is a crime and punishable to all involved.We will not forget.

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