Oh, this is hilarious, I’m not the only one onto the Gov, WHEW! maybe there’s hope!  “Sundoggie” told me about this, saying it’s probably good for the Gov. — I THINK NOT!

Dig this:

Will Steger and The Chameleon

So on that happy note, enough for the day, GOOD NIGHT!

2 Responses to ““The Chameleon” can’t hide!”

  1. Sundog Says:

    It *is* good for the Governor… there’s 15-20% on the far left that’ll never see anything good in a Republican Governor, and another 15-20% on the far far right that can’t stomach one of “theirs” taking serious action on global warming. Luckily, there is another 60-70% in the center that will listen and understand the Governor’s energy policy is both progressive and aggressive, and will react positively — which correlates very well with the Governor’s approval rating, hovering around that 60% level.

  2. Michael LeBeau Says:

    It all looks good until we are forced to do the math. The task force that is working on methods to meet the governors ambitious goals for CO2 reductions and energy conservation might have a thing or two to add. It is a hell of a lot easier to make bold proclamations than it is to actually do the deed. The concept of continual growth means that it is almost impossible to cut energy consumption and emissions without huge transformation to an entirely different infrastructure. He cannot pull that off with his just outside of business as usual philosophy.

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