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The full text of the Senate NDAA amendment is available here.

The bill itself is labeled as “NDAA Crowd Control” on the pdf:

Who to call to get support for this?

Contacts – U.S. Senators

Contacts – U.S. Representatives

And contact your state’s Attorney General to join with Oregon in its suit against the feds. Mayor of Portland, and Oregon’s Governor and entire Congressional delegation tell them GO HOME! Friday, Oregon’s Attorney General sued (GOOD!).

Now we hear they’re headed to Chicago too! Milwaukee… Oakland… WHAT?!?!

The White House Comment line is CLOSED: (202) 456-1414 So call the switchboard (202) 456-1111.

Contact Attorneys General to join in and support Oregon, to keep them out of Illinois, and to keep them out of other states. Gotta stop this now.

CLICK HERE – Contact Minnesota’s Attorney General – Keith Ellison or use this web contact form!

CLICK HERE – Contact Illinois Attorney General

CLICK HERE – let Oregon’s Attorney General know you support Oregon’s standing up for states’ rights!

Where do you live? Contact your state’s Attorney General, ask A.G. to join in Oregon’s lawsuit and request for Temporary Restraining Order.

Just do it. Get on the horn… exercise your fingers! Whining and posting about does nothing — THEY NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU!

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