Just filed in Ramsey County District Court:

This is a suit regarding four PUC dockets, Freeborn Wind (WS-17-410); Plum Creek (WS-18-700); Buffalo Ridge WS-19-394; and Three Waters WS-19-576.

Three issues:

  1. No environmental review of wind projects! They have actual and constructive notice that there are issues, and issues so serious that there have been landowner buyouts. Wake up call, DOH!
  2. No siting criteria or rules have been developed despite ancient mandate to do it and a couple of rulemaking petitions. It’s been 25 years… and they’ve been using small wind rules, and setbacks that they have no idea where they came from!
  3. Failure to operate with broad spectrum of public participation, instead shutting public out and operating in private to give developers what they want. How many requests do we need to make for meeting notice? Why are noise studies now “TRADE SECRET?” (well, obviously because if it was public we’d have the proof that they can’t meet the Minnesota noise standard)

Pretty simple, eh?

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