For a while now, they’d been playing “Simon says…” but finally, two weeks after Nancy and Kimber Prehn requested that the County Board rescind its carte blanche tax exemption for Simon Industries and negotiate a Host Fee Agreement, the County did just as we asked!

Here’s the latest report from the Waseca County News!

The way they got there was pretty convoluted, but the result was perfect! The county is protecting the interests of the community and paying attention to their constituents. They understand the importance of economic development, and understand that economic development does not equal corporate welfare. A hearty thanks to the Waseca County Board!

Now, all that’s left is for Sen. Dick Day and Rep. Connie Ruth to correct their error of leaving out Blooming Grove Township from their proposed tax exemption legislation, and correct their error of not requiring a Host Fee Agreement with the County and Township. Other similar legislation has these provisions — WHY DID THEY LEAVE OUT THEIR CONSTITUENTS??? Just who are they representing? Ask them to fix it by sending an email — just click on their names above. Message: You made a mistake by not protecting your constituents rights. Please correct this right away by changing the language of the bills to say that both the County and Township approve the exemption contingent upon signing a Host Fee Agreement. Thanks!

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